" I organise the Noise "

Harald Sitta CC Reg No 2010/020111/23 is not only doing legal and strategic advice & alternative dispute resolution but as SITTOPERA(TM) also Opera event management . Since 2018 Dr iuris Harald Sitta  within the framework of SITTA CC manages Opera events at the Rand Club and since 2019 also for other companies and institutions . 

We concentrate on presenting young or younger South African singers and instrumentalists as we like to give "Young talents and rising stars" the opportunity to appear and excel in our events. South Africa possesses a multitude of  great talents worthy to be supported.

Please visit our Face Book page:  https://www.facebook.com/SITTOPERA

Enterprise philosophy: 'There are no problems, only challenges and 'no' is not an answer'"

Vincero, vincero! (Puccini, Turandot) means  I WILL WIN 

About 100 South African artists in the realm of classic music in my portfolio (mainly singers, then pianists, other instrumentalists and conductors).

Contact and cooperation with South African Universities and their departments of music.

Harald Sitta turns 65 on the 6th of August 2020, he is an old cynical war horse and does not give a damn any more.

2020 is the year for lions not for sheep! And 2021 starts similar. So what ??

Legal and strategic advice, especially advise in tax matters as Harald Sitta is trained jurist ( Austrian attorney emeritus ) with 43 years of legal practice. Please visit www.sittalegalstrategic.co.za 

Dr Harald Sitta has written the book " Cross Haired "- a polemic philosophy,  published by LESEDI HOUSE . Please visit www.crosshaired.co.za 

With level 2 SITTOPERA (TM) is back!   22nd of October, 18:30 h at the Rand Club with the fabulous and wonderful OperaAngels