Future Events

C-19 message 

Due to C-19 measures all previously planned dates have changed. Events had to be  postponed to  2021 with other dates.  C-19 measures can postpone us but not stop us. All events to be be filmed by VIVA LYMA TV station.   As many flyers are only produced 3 weeks before the event please have a look at our season program. We are now on level  3, level 4 threatening. 

SITTOPERA (TM)   will invite at every event to some glasses of bubbles, sponsored by VILLIERA wines .

We thank also another sponsor, GEPARDISSIMA (TM), exquisite design jewellery www.gepardissima.co.za/boutique  for ornating the lady singers with jewellery and we thank IMMAGIKA Haute couture, Pretoria www.immagika.com  for dressing the lady singers for the events. 


Lets not talk about  the past and events cancelled due to C-19 measures. Future it is ! 

22nd of October, 18:30 h at the Rand Club. The wonderful & fabulous OperaAngels! 

POSTPONEM NEC MERGITUR.  Postponed but not going down!  A lot we had in mind for 2021.C-19 measures interfered. We do not complain, we d adapt and go on. 2022 is coming and we do all these events then! But you should know what we had  already organized. 

SITTOPERA (TM)  Season 2021 program: 

SITTOPERA (TM)  draft of season 2022 program 

SITTOPERA (TM)  first considerations for Season 2023