Opera Network

Cooperation's with other organisations fighting the good fight for Opera and Classic music. (in alphabetic order) 

Andries Aldrich  andriesaldrich@gmail.com            Ekurhuleni  
Opera SA with Albert Aldrich 

Anton Cupak  www.onlinemerker.com    Vienna.       info@der-neue-merker.at 
One of the most eminent magazines in the field of Music, Opera , Theatre and Culture

Marnus Greyling is organist at St Georg Anglican Church greylingthemanny@gmail.com and  greylingconcerts@gmail.com and an accomplished pianist, doing concerts of his own and accompanies our singers since some years at our events.  

Studio Coert Grobbelaar    grobbelaarcoert2@gmail.com    Johannesburg 
School of Opera and light music. Vereeniging. Working on finding and teaching young talents.

Xolane Marman   operatunity.music@gmail.com  OPERATUNITY SA  Cape Town
Music and Opera productions

Monica Mhangwana   info@monicamhangwana.com           Pretoria  
Wonderlost World and Glacierstone . Teaching music and event organisation for music and arts 

Magdalene Minnaar  www.magdaleneminnaar.com  Singer, event organizer  info@magdaleneminnaar.com 
Biblioteek - platform for all kind of activities and all kind of artists and producers around music and opera events 

Phenye Modiane phenye@joziopera.co.za                     Johannesburg 
Johannesburg (Jozi) Opera   www.joziopera.co.za  

Mmusi Morekhure  www.torocreatives.co.za     Benoni  
TORO CREATIVES Pty Ltd  mmusi@torocreatives.co.za  Music shows and performances. Music instructions on schools.  

Tshepo Ratona   www.tintowntheatre.com 
TINTOWNTHEATRE   Theatre, opera and music productions, training facilities for artists  
 tshepo@tintowntheatre.com                                          Johannesburg- Ferreirasdorp  

Dr. Martin Vacha  www.martinvacha.com    Vienna/Austria    Professor at University for Music 
Singer, Instructor and event manager          office@martinvacha.com 


The Chevalier de Saint Georg 

was the son of an aristocratic planter in Guadeloupe (then a French colony) and a Black maid ( couches amoraux a la Francaise in the style of the 18th century, Cafe aux lait as they say) , went to Paris, became prominent as fencer (very sympathetic) and established himself as a prominent composer of six Operas and other works like symphonies. He was favoured by Queen Marie Antoinette, who as student of C.W. Gluck was professional in judging music and was also prominent at the Court of Luis XVI. Revolution came, he - not rare at that time among aristocrats tended to the revolutionary side - fought for and died quite young 1799 in the revolution. Nearly forgotten, well had King and Queen prevailed and stupid politics not happened  he would have become much more prominent. 
Especially recommendable is his Opera "L'amant Anonyme" (The unknown lover) Maybe SITTOPERA should produce this Opera in the coming years?